Serrapeptase really helps with pain

serrapeptase reviewsSerrapeptase has been a miracle remedy for millions of people throughout Asia and Europe. This enzyme is produced by the serrate bacteria that lives in silkworms. Its unique function is to dissolve dead tissue. This enzyme bores a hole in the cocoon of the silkworm so the fly can escape. It’s wonderful application for humans is that it removes dead tissue in the human body without causing injury. Best Serrapeptase enzymes has worked well for those individuals suffering from blocked carotid arteries of the neck.

It dissolves the dead fibrous layers responsible for clogging the inside of the arteries. There are many other applications for the use of this miracle product. In Germany it is considered a standard medication. Historically, Dr. Hans Napier was responsible for much of the research associated with this enzyme. In his medical practice, he had significant positive results with clearing the blocked arteries of a woman. As a result, she no longer required a by-pass operation. In another instance, Dr. Napier prescribed Serrapeptase enzyme to a patient who was scheduled for a hand amputation.

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Fortunately, the recovery was positive without the amputation. This amazing enzyme digests all non living tissue including blood clots, cysts, inflammation, and blockages. Research has confirmed that it is well-tolerated by most individuals with no apparent side effects. The United States is just now starting to appreciate the worth of Serrapeptase enzyme.

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